How many ways can you divinate?

Many believe that dowsing or tarot cards are the only ways to talk to the spirit world. This is far beyond the truth. There are more ways than you can count. Finding the one or ones which are right for you may prove to be difficult. 

In this blog, I plan to help you learn a few new ways which the spirits can talk to us and help guide us on our journeys of this realm. My hope is to help guide you to your niche and inform you at the same time. Just remember, listening to your intuition and what feels right to you is most important on this incredible journey into the spirit realm.

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Smoke Scrying

Smoke Scrying is also known as Capnomancy or Libanomancy. It is reading or seeing images in smoke. This can be done a variety of ways, such as reading the smoke from a candle, incense, the underside of a paper, or any type of fire. It can be done just by watching the smoke from an incense stick and seeing any images which may become clear to the reader/viewer. I like to sit by a campfire or bon fire. Another way is to burn resin or powdered incense.

When I was a child one of my teachers showed us how to take a candle and hold it underneath a piece of paper. Do not get the flame near the paper or hold it in one spot for very long. Use a heavy paper and just let the smoke make images on the underside of the paper. When you feel you are thru, look at the smokes residue and see what images are imprinted. If you like you can also take a picture and look more at it later just in case it gets smudged.

Scrying with smoke of a flame is unlike using paper in the way that you cannot usually take a picture. Not unless you can take rapid pics or you have the feeling that something is getting ready to appear. You may however want to take notes. Having a paper and pen near you can be very useful. You may want to jot down notes as you are scrying so you don’t forget everything you see. Many times there are a variety of images which may appear; even writing down where in the smoke can be helpful.

If something appears to the left, it can mean that it is something from you past. To the right would be your future, nearest you would be your present and topside would mean it is over all. Follow your intuition and let it run. You may find more than what you originally thought.

If you are in a meditative state while smoke scrying then you will want to jot down notes as soon as you come out of it. Just like a dream will fade as you become awake, you may forget some things which appeared to you in your meditation.

Before scrying I will sometimes question out to the universe such as: “Am I on the right path for this time in my life?” Concentrate on this question while scrying. Keep this intent, while waiting for the images to appear. If you find that your mind wanders, then as soon as you realize it, go straight back to thinking of the question.

If you are asking a specific question then you might also want to use the appropriate woods and/or herbs. If you are asking questions about health then you might want to use herbs such as mugwort or sage. It just depends on what you want to do. If you are just scrying to find out if there is a message you should receive then a normal camp fire or bon fire would be appropriate. Just so with what feels right for you.

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