How many ways can you divinate?

Many believe that dowsing or tarot cards are the only ways to talk to the spirit world. This is far beyond the truth. There are more ways than you can count. Finding the one or ones which are right for you may prove to be difficult. 

In this blog, I plan to help you learn a few new ways which the spirits can talk to us and help guide us on our journeys of this realm. My hope is to help guide you to your niche and inform you at the same time. Just remember, listening to your intuition and what feels right to you is most important on this incredible journey into the spirit realm.

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May 29, 2017

  Pareidolia is something I have done since my childhood. Many of us have and just didn’t know what it was called.

 Have you ever lay on the ground and stared at the clouds, finding shapes, animals and faces floating by? Or maybe stared at a wood floor and saw shapes which you had never seen before? How many times have you looked at the face in the moon and talked it on an occasion?

 This is called Pareidolia. It has been explained as the imaginary perception of patterns where they do not actually exist. My perception is that they do exist, or else why would I be able to see them.

 I often put out a question to the universe and will look to the clouds for an answer. It is my perception of what I see as to the answer which the universe may give to me. I once asked if I should check out my heritage and a little while later I saw a native Indian head with feathers sticking out of his headdress. To me this was a defiant yes.

 Sometimes it comes later in another way. Many years ago I asked the universe if I should move to Kansas. I wanted it to come in a way that I could not alter, in any way, the answer. Later that night at work, it seemed as if everyone only wanted to talk about Kansas football games. Well…there’s that answer. I really didn’t want to go but if that was where I was supposed to be then that is where I was going to go. I learned many things while I lived there and now I understand the reason I had to go. Sometimes what we want is not what we really need to do.

 Have fun with this one and use your imagination, listen to your intuition and remember that what something means to you may not be what it means to someone else…so use your instincts.



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