Color Associations

This color chart can be used anywhere and with anything you want. 
When learning Wicca, many years ago, I found all kinds of charts for colors. It depended on if it was visual, for candles or what type of magicks I was going to use as to which color chart I would have to use. I am no longer Wiccan and have since come up with my own chart. I am an eclectic witch and I use this one for everything unless my spirit guide tells me different.
It doesn't matter if you are picking color for clothing, candles or magicks. Just keep it simple. That's the way I like it.

White – Soul, Spiritual, Purity, Ethral, Maiden magicks, Deithea, all purpose

Purple – Spirituality, Meditation, Deithea magicks, Protection, Pathway
Yellow – Air, Sun, Energy, Intellect, Creativity, Clarity, Confidence, Squire Magicks
Red – Fire, Passion, Energy, Heat, Mother Magicks, Love, Survival

Pink - Friendship, new love, inquiries, Maiden Magicks
Orange – Energy, Creative inspiration, Vitality, Attraction
Blue – Water, Calming, Cleansing, Direction, Peace, Expansion, Pathway
Green – Earth, Healing, Financial, Fertility, Grounding, Prosperity, Renewal, Father Magicks
Black – Mediation, Repelling negativity, Crone & Sage magicks, Divination, Protection
Brown – Grounding, Earth Magicks, Animals
Silver – Lunar & Goddess magicks
Gold – Sun & God Magicks

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