1st Degree Lesson

Lesson 4b

The Gateways



The Wheel of the East

Air is element of the realm of thought. It is visualization and creativity. It is where we get new ideas, communication, knowledge and wisdom. Its color is yellow like the sun high in the sky beaming down vitamins that we need to soak up so we can concentrate on a solution at work or visualize something for divination. If you need help just light a yellow candle, throw a feather in the air or just stand outside and feel the breeze blow.

 Time in life – infancy

Time of day – dawn

Time of Season – spring

Celebration – Beltain and Ostara E

Lunar Phase – Waxing

Zodiac - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Angel – Raphael

Elemental spirit: Sylphs, sprites and fairies

Animal - birds, spiders and gryphon

Tool - athame, sword, censer, wand and creative visualization

Instrument – Flute and all winded instruments

Energy - swift, changeable

Offering – Flowers and feathers

Place - mountains, cloudy skies, any place windy, high towers, airports, schools, libraries, roof tops, offices and travel agencies.

Pyramid Virtue: To know     

Tarot Suit – Sword

 Ritual Form – Scattering, throwing objects into the air, suspending in high places, visualization, positive thinking

Ritual work - knowledge, abstract learning, wind, breath, inspiration, hearing, harmony, plant growth, travel, freedom, revealing truths, psychic abilities, memory, brainstorms, beginnings, illuminations and finding lost things




The Wheel of the South

Fire is the element of passion, destruction and cleansing. It can spread quickly if not contained because it feeds on air. It is the old type of magick so please, be careful it has its own will. It is within us to survive, dance, be passionate and show our will. Fire can help here. If you need energy, strength or have lack of creativity try fire magick by candle gazing, writing a letter to burn or even blast music and let the dragons dance with you.

Time in life – Youth

Time of day – Noon

Time of Season – summer

Celebration – Lughnasdh and Litha S

Lunar Phase – Full

Zodiac - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Angel – Michael

Elemental Spirit – Salamanders, lizards and firedrakes

Animal - Lion, snake, cricket, praying mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, shark, coyote, fox, fire breathing dragons, and the phoenix.

Tool - Dagger, censer, lamp, candle, scourge

Instrument – Guitar and all stringed instruments

Energy - Quick, rapid, fire

Offering – Incense, herb and sage

Disposal – Burn

Place - Deserts, hot springs, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedrooms, weight rooms, saunas, athletic fields, hot tubs and jungles.

Pyramid Virtue – To will

Tarot suit - Wands

Ritual form - Burning, smoldering, candles or small fires

Ritual work - Energy, heat, blood, survival, will, healing, purification, fires, candle flame, sun, eruptions, explosions, love, passions, sexuality, authority, destruction, cleansing, creativity, loyalty, force, transformation, protection, courage, strength, success, evolutions, faith, exercise, vitality and power.




The Wheel of the West

Water is the element of emotions, purification and absorption. Our bodies are made up mostly of water so it is natural for us to use this element for cleansing, calming or purifying. It constantly changes and even though it looks smooth on the surface don’t be fooled, underneath could be just the opposite. If you need some meditation time, wash off the mundane or even just want to relax call on this element for help by taking a bubble bath, throwing pebbles or taking a nice long swim.

Time in life – Maturity

Time of day – Twilight and dusk

Time of Season – fall

Celebration – Samhain and Mabon E

Lunar Phase – Waning

Zodiac - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Angel – Gabriel

Elemental Spirit - Undines, nymphs, Merfolk, lakes, springs, ponds and streams

Animal - Serpents, dolphins, porpoises, fish, seals, sea birds, frog, turtle, otter, shellfish, swan, crab, bear and water dragons.

Tool – Water, cup, cauldron, goblet, chalice, mirror and all water bodies

Instrument – Harp and echoing instruments

Energy – currents, tides and purification

Offering – Wine and ale

Disposal – Drown, throw on water

Place – All bodies of water, wells, bathtubs, swimming pools, health spas, fountains, steam rooms and the tides

Pyramid Virtue – To dare

Tarot suit: Cups

Ritual form - Dilution, immersed, cleansing and bathing

Ritual work - emotions, daring, intuition, womb, generation, fertility, plants, healing, smell, absorbing, purification, friendship, marriage, dreams, psychic, reflection, cleansing, inner knowing, vision quests, self healing, security and journeys



The Wheel of the North

Earth is the element of ceremony, patience and truth. It is the strongest of the elements because all use earth for their strength. In Earth magicks you will find an inner wisdom when applied, can help in all situations. It is dependable, sustaining and stable, it is life, so if you need a little help from her for security, confidence or a foundation talk a walk, explore a cave or you could even bury a fear.

Time in life - Old age

Time of day - Midnight

Time of Season – winter

Celebration – Imbolc and Yule

Lunar Phase – Dark

Zodiac - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Angel - Ariel

Elemental Spirit – Elves, gnomes, dwarfs and trolls.

Animal – Cows, bison, dog, horse, ant, burrowing animals, bears, wolf and bull.

Tool – Seeds, pentacle, pentagram, salt, images, stones, gems and trees.

Instrument – Drums and all percussion instruments.

Energy - Steady, rhythmic and grounded.

Offering – Bread and salt

Disposal – Bury

Place - Caves, canyons, forests, valleys, fields, farms, gardens, parks, nurseries, farmer's market, kitchen's, basements, mines, holes.

Pyramid Virtue – To keep silent

Tarot suit - pentacles

Ritual form - Burying, planting, walking and playing in the dirt

Ritual work - Growth, nature sustenance, financial independence, birth, death, rebirth, silence, stones, crystals, jewels, metal, bones, structure, treasures, empathy, grounding, mystery, conservative, business, prosperity, stability, success, healing, wisdom, strength, practical wisdom, teaching, symbols and runes.



Basic Deithean Circle


Set up altar:

Athame                                   Sage Stick                               Wood Matches                        Pentacle

Dish w/Salt                             Dish w/Water                           Plate w/Bread                          Horn for God                         

Shell for Goddess                   Goblet w/Juice                        Gateway candles                     Anointing Oil                         

Gold God candle                    Silver Goddess candle            Altar Cloth (seasonal)              White working candle


Start walking circle all the way around with each:

The athame, envision light blue and white sparkles flowing as it cuts between the worlds.

The salt water to consecrate, envisioning mists rising from the ground and the sage to cleanse and purify


Starting at the East Gateway, light candles and say:

“Hail to the element Air, you are, as we breathe and think. Hail and be Welcome!”

“Hail to the element Fire, you are, as we have passion and desire. Hail and be Welcome!”

“Hail to the element Water, you are, as we feel and flow. Hail and be Welcome!”

“Hail to the element Earth, you are, as we have strength & grow. Hail and be Welcome!”


“We call Deithea of the hidden realms

Into this place that is not a place; into this time that is not a time.

We stand at the threshold of the between, before the veil of the Mysteries. 

Please guide and protect us on our magical journey.

We ask for blessing as we do this rite. Hail and be Welcome!”


“By our will we have created this sacred space”

Gateways come forward, “As above, so below; Powers joined, we make it so!”


Do ritual: songs, chants, Celebrations, etc…


Cakes and Ale:

Take to each person in circle and offer bread and say: "May you never hunger"

Take to each person in circle and offer ale and say: "May you never thirst"



Raise hands high and slowly lower while visualizing excess power flowing downward.

Say: "Source to source flow through me. Above and below, so mote it be."

Exhale and feel the excess power flow down.


“Deithea who is known by many names, your spirit entwines all around us.

Thank you for joining in our circle. Hail and Farewell!”


Go to each Gateway starting with Earth and say:

“Element of Earth, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”

“Element of Water, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”

“Element of Fire, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”

“Element of Air, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”


Grab hands while walking and say: “This circle is open but never broken.”


All say: “Merry we meet and merry we part. And merry we meet again! So Mote It Be! Deithea!"


Write a ritual to perform in the circle.





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