1st Degree Lesson

Lesson 3b

Basic Deithean Circle Explained

This is a basic circle which I wrote years ago. I wrote it so you could go to almost any other circle and at least have a basic understanding of what is going on. If you have any questions please ask. Next time we get together in a place that which is convenient we will do a circle. Let's get started:
Before you start setting up the altar and circle area you should clean the area of any debris. Garbage, rocks, sticks or anything else that could keep the area from being clean or causing someone to trip and fall. There is nothing like walking around circle in the dark and stepping in something or tripping over a rock, especially barefoot.
When you are ready to cleanse the area you should have a besom to sweep away negativity. I like to do things in 3’s, so I start at the ground around the first circle, to the side for the second and upwards for the third. I do this for the cleansing, cutting between the worlds, consecrating and smudging.
While sweeping away negativity some also like to start in the center and work their way to the outside during the process. Some just walk the perimeter. You can set up the altar before or after the sweeping away of negativity, but the area should be cleaned before the altar is set up.
Set up altar:
Athame                                   Sage Stick                        Wood Matches                       Pentacle
Dish w/Salt                             Dish w/Water                    Plate w/Bread                        Horn for God                              
Shell for Goddess                  Goblet w/Juice                 Gateway candles                    Anointing Oil                              
Silver Goddess candle          Altar Cloth                        White working candle             Gold God candle
When you are ready to start your Herald should stand by the East Gateway (unless you are using a different starting point) and do the gathering call:    “All who wish to participate, of their own free will, please gather at the East Gateway. Please direct your energies to help raise the circle.”
All should line up. Persons with designated positions should be in line first. A good way to slowly drum up energy is for the persons standing in line to softly sing ‘Earth my body’.
The Priestess and/or Priest will light the working candle and then smudge and oil themselves. Next, raising up the athame and/or staff to ask Deithea for blessings on these tools. Then, lift up the salt and water, then oil and sage, each time asking for blessing on the tools.
Start walking circle all the way around with each: While using the athame, envision light blue and white sparkles flowing, as it cuts between the worlds. With the athame, dip 3 times into the salt and stir clockwise 3 times in the water. Use the salt water, sprinkling lightly, to consecrate, envisioning mists rising from the ground. Light the sage, from the working candle to cleanse and purify, and in your minds eye, see the cone of power.

Once the circle is raised, the Priest and/or Priestess will go to the East Gateway. One will smudge each person just outside the Gateway, hug and then direct them into circle to be oiled in by the other person. When smudging, I like to do a pentacle in front of the person, go all the way around the outside of their body, starting at the head. Lightly touch the persons' shoulder and pull or push, very gently to guide them in the direction they should turn. Then do the outer perimeter of their body once again and finish with another pentacle, turn them by the shoulder once again and hug. Next come the oiling in. With anointing oil the Priestess or Priest will make a pentacle on the forehead, with the oil, and say ‘Blessed be’. You can then hug and be directed to the circle.
When doing Gateway Calls, you can add lib but to start off, we will use the following; proceed with each Gateway. Starting at the East Gateway, light candle and say:
“Hail to the element Air, you are, as we breathe and think. Hail and be Welcome!”
“Hail to the element Fire, you are, as we have passion and desire. Hail and be Welcome!”
“Hail to the element Water, you are, as we feel and flow. Hail and be Welcome!”
“Hail to the element Earth, you are, as we have strength & grow. Hail and be Welcome!”
This is where you can call on the Ancients, Spirits and/or your God and/or Goddess.
Next we call upon Deithea to join with us and ask for blessings:
“We call Deithea of the hidden realms
Into this place that is not a place; into this time that is not a time.
We stand at the threshold of the between, before the veil of the Mysteries. 
Please guide and protect us on our magical journey.
We ask for blessing as we do this rite. Hail and be Welcome!”
“By our will we have created this sacred space”
Gateway Keepers and/or Coven Members can come forward, and say together:
 “As above, so below; Powers joined, we make it so!”
This is where you will want to do your Celebration Ritual, spells, chants, songs, plays, and/or magicks workings. Be creative and let your energies flow.
When everything you want to accomplish is complete, we do what is called ‘Cakes and Ale’. It does not have to be cake and ale, it can be juice and bread or whatever is associated with the Celebration Ritual. This is a time that you let each of your brothers and sisters know that we are a family. None of shall go without as long as we share with each other. Fairly take and fairly give.
Cakes and Ale:
Take to each person in circle and offer bread and say: "May you never hunger"
Take to each person in circle and offer ale and say: "May you never thirst"
Often we have an excess of energy flowing and you do not usually want to take this with you. If you don’t ground properly then you will burn out. The body can only take so much. Remember to only let go of the excess energies, or you will be tired for the next few days till your body can recuperate.
Raise hands high and slowly lower, while visualizing excess power flowing downward.
Say: "Source to source flow through me. Above and below, So mote it be."
Exhale and feel the excess power flow down.
Priest or Priestess will start off with the farewells. This process is done in reverse from the beginning:
“Deithea who is known by many names, your spirit entwines all around us.
Thank you for joining in our circle. Hail and Farewell!”
If you have called the Ancients, Spirits and/or your God and/or Goddess, then this is the time to thank and bid them farewell.
Go to each Gateway starting with Earth and say:
“Element of Earth, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”
“Element of Water, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”
“Element of Fire, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”
“Element of Air, we thank you for joining with us. Hail and Farewell.”
You can grab hands while walking and say:
“This circle is open but never broken.”
All say:
“Merry we meet and merry we part. And merry we meet again! So Mote It Be!"


I want you to find something in the circle that you would change and explain why.
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