1st Degree

Lesson 2

Creeds and Redes

Unwritten Law


No guilt and no blame, just responsibility.

Words and thoughts have power, and that is putting in into law.

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

Scott Cunningham

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Know your Craft.
  3. Learn
  4. Apply knowledge with wisdom.
  5. Achieve balance.
  6. Keep your words in good order.
  7. Keep your thoughts in good order.
  8. Celebrate life.
  9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth.
  10. Breathe and eat correctly.
  11. Exercise the body.
  12. Meditate
  13. Honor the Goddess and God.

Threefold Law


Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In perfect love and perfect trust.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,

"An' ye harm none, do what ye will."

What you send forth comes back to thee,

So ever mind the Law of Three.

Follow this with mind and heart,

Merry ye meet and Merry ye part!


The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz

Be Impeccable with Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.

Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Don't Take Anything Personally

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.

When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Don't Make Assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.

With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

Always Do Your Best

Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

Under any circumstances, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.


The Law of Power

by Scott Cunningham


The Power shall not be used to bring harm, to injure or control others. 

But if the need rises, the Power shall be used to protect your life or the lives of others.

The Power is used only as need dictates.

The Power can be used for your own gain, as long as by doing so you harm none.

It is unwise to accept money for used of the Power, for it quickly controls the taker.

Be not as those of other religions.

Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens the mysteries of Wicca and Magic.

Ever remember that the Power is the sacred gift of the Goddess and God,

and should never be misused or abused.

And this is the Law of the Power.

Norse Rede of Honor

From the book "The Rites of Odin" by Ed Fitch


1. In all that you do, consider its benefit or harm upon yourself, your children & your people.
2. All that which you do will return to you, sooner or later, for good or for ill. Thus strive always to do good to others, or at least strive always to be just.
3. Be honest with yourself, & with others. "This above all; to thine own self be true."
4. Humankind, & especially your own family & folk, has the spark of divinity within it. Protect & nurture that spark.
5. Give your word sparingly, & adhere to it like iron.
6. In the world, your first trust & responsibility should be to your own people. Yet, be kind & proper to others whenever possible.
7. What you have, HOLD!
8. Pass on to others only those words which you have personally verified.
9. Be honest with others, & let them know that you expect honesty in return, always.
10. The fury of the moment plays folly with the truth; to keep one's head is a virtue.
11. Know which battles should be fought, & which battles should be avoided. Also, know when to break off a conflict. There are times when the minions of chaos are simply too strong or when fate is absolutely unavoidable.
12. When you gain power, use it carefully & use it well.
13. Courage & honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have crumbled to dust.
14. Pledge friendship & your services to those who are worthy. Strengthen others of your people & they will strengthen you.
15. Love & care for your family always, & have the fierceness of a wolf in their protection.
16. Honor yourself, have pride in yourself, do your best & forgive yourself when you must.
17. Try always to be above reproach in the eyes of the world.
18. Those of our people should always endure to settle any differences among themselves quietly & peaceably.
19. The laws of the land should be obeyed whenever possible & reason, for in the main they have been chosen with wisdom.
20. Have pride in yourself, your family & your folk. They are your promise for the future.
21. Do not neglect your mate & children.
22. Every one of our people should work according to the best that s/he can do, no matter how small or how great. We are all in this world together, thus we must always help each other along.
23. One advances individually & collectively only by living in harmony with the natural order of the world.
24. The seeking of wisdom is a high virtue. Love of truth, honor, courage & loyalty are the hallmarks of the noble soul.
25. Be prepared for whatever the future brings.
26. Life with all its joys, struggles & ambiguities is to be embraced & lived to the fullest!

The Nature of our Way

Scott Cunningham


As often as possible, hold the rites in forests, by the seashore, on deserted mountaintops or near tranquil lakes.  If this is impossible, a garden or some chamber shall suffice, it is readied with fumes or flowers.

Seek out wisdom in books, rare manuscripts and cryptic poems if you will, but seek it out also in simple stones and fragile herbs and in the cries of wild birds.  Listen to the whisperings of the wind and the roar of water if you would discover magic, for it is here that the old secrets are preserved.

Books contain words; trees contain energies and wisdom books never dreamt of.

Ever remember that the Old Ways are constantly revealing themselves.  Therefore be as the river willow that bends and sways with the wind.  That which remains changeless shall outlive it spirit, but that which evolves and grows will shine for centuries.

There can be no monopoly on wisdom.  Therefore share what you will of our ways with others who seek them, but hide the mystic lore from the eyes of those who would destroy, for to do otherwise increases their destruction.

Mock not the rituals or spells of another, for who can say yours are greater in power of wisdom?

Ensure that your actions are honorable, for all that you do shall return to you threefold, good or bad.

Be wary of one who would dominate you, who would control and manipulate your workings and reverences.  True reverence for the Goddess and God occurs within.  Look with suspicion on any who would twist worship from you for their own gain and glory, but welcome those priestesses and priests who are suffused with love.

Honor all living things, for we are of the bird, the fish, and the bee.

Destroy not life save it be to preserve your own.

And this is the nature of our way.

The Witches Rede of Chivalry

Ed Fitch


Insofar as the Craft of the Wise is the most ancient and most Honorable creed of humankind, it behooves all who are Witches to act in ways that give respect to the old Gods, to their sisters and brothers of the Craft, and to themselves. Therefore be it noted:

Chivalry is a high code of honor which is of most ancient Pagan origin, and must be lived by all who follow the Old Ways.

It must be kenned that thoughts and intent put forth on this middle-Earth will wax strong in other worlds beyond, and return...bringing into creation, on this world that which had been sent forth.

Thus one should exercise discipline, for "as ye do plant. So shall ye harvest". It is only by preparing our minds to be as Gods that we ultimately attain Godhead.
"This above all...to thine own self be true".

A Witch's word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed oath. Thus, give thy word sparingly, but adhere to it like iron.

Refrain from speaking ill of others, for not all truths of the matter may be known.
Pass not unverified words about another, for hearsay is, in a large part, a thing of falsehoods

Be thou honest with others, and have them known that honesty is likewise expected of them
The fury of the moment plays folly with the truth; to keep one's head is a virtue.
Contemplate always the consequences of thine acts upon others. Strive not to harm.

Diverse covens may well have diverse views on love between members and with others. When a coven, clan or grove is visited or joined, one should discern quietly their practices, and abide thereby.

Dignity. A gracious manner and a good humor are much to be admired.

As a Witch, thou hast power, and thy powers wax strongly as wisdom increases. Therefore exercise discretion in the use thereof.

 Courage and honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have crumbled to dust.

Pledge friendship and fealty to those who so warrant. Strengthen others of the Brethren and they shall strengthen thee.

Thou shall not reveal secrets of another Witch or another coven. Others have labored long and hard for them and cherish them as treasures.

Though there may be differences between those of the Old Ways, those who are once-born must see nothing, and must hear nothing.

Those who follow the mysteries should be above reproach in the eyes of the world.

The laws of the land should be obeyed whenever possible and within reason, for in the main they have been chosen with wisdom.

Have pride in thyself, and seek perfection in body and in mind. For the Lady has said, "How can thou honor another unless thou give honor to thyself first?"

Those who seek the mysteries should consider themselves as select of the Gods, for it is they who lead the race of humans to the highest of thrones and beyond the very stars.


The Witches Creed

Doreen Valiente

Hear now the words of the witches,

The secrets we hid in the night,

When dark was our destiny’s pathway,

That now we bring forth into light.


Mysterious water and fire,

The earth and the wide ranging air,

By hidden quintessence we know them,

And will and keep silent and dare.


The birth and rebirth of all nature,

The passing of winter and spring,

We share with the life universal,

Rejoice in the magickal ring.


Four times in the year the Great Sabbat

Returns, and the witches are seen

At Lammas and Candlemas dancing,

On May Eve and old Halloween.


When daytime and nighttime are equal,

When the sun is at greatest and least,

The four Lesser Sabbats are summoned,

Again witches gather in feast.


 Thirteen silver moons in a year are,

Thirteen is the coven’s array.

Thirteen times as Esbat make merry,

For each golden year and a day.


The power was passed down the ages,

Each time between woman and man,

Each century unto the other,

Ere time and the ages began.


When drawn is the magickal circle,

By sword or athame or power,

Its compass between the two worlds lies,

In Land of the Shades for that hour.


This world has no right then to know it,

And world of beyond will tell naught,

The oldest of Gods are invoked there,

The Great Work of magick is wrought.


For two are the mystical pillars,

That  stands at the gate of the shrine,

And two are the powers of nature,

The forms and the forces divine.


The dark and the light in succession,

The opposites each unto each,

Shown forth as a God and a Goddess,

Of this did our ancestors teach.


By night he’s the wild wind’s rider,

The Horned One, the Lord of the Shades,

By day he’s the King of the Woodland,

The dweller in green forest glades.


She is youthful or old as she pleases,

She sails the torn clouds in her barque,

The bright silver lady of midnight,

The crone who weaves spells in the dark.


The master and mistress of magick,

They dwell in the deeps of the mind,

Immortal and ever renewing,

With power to free or to bind.


So drink the good work to the Old Gods,

And dance and make love in their praise,

Till Elphame’s fair land shall receive us,

In peace at the end of our days.


An Do What You Will be the challenge,

So be it in Love that harms none,

For this is the only commandment,

By Magick of old, be it done.



The Witches Chant

The Grimoire of Lady Sheba


Darksome night and shining Moon,

Hearken to the witches’ rune.

East then south, west then north,

Hear! Come! I call Thee forth!


By all the powers of land and sea,

Be obedient to me.

Wand & Pentacle & Sword,

Hearken ye unto my word.


Cords & Censer, Scourge & Knife,

Waken all ye into life.

Powers of the Witch’s Blade,

Come ye as the charge is made.


Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell,

Send your aid unto the spell.

Horned Hunter to the night,

Work my will by magic rite.


By all the powers of land & sea,

As I do say, “So mote it be!”

By all the might of moon & sun,

As I do will, it shall be done.


Deithean Creed

By Lady Nightress



I wanted to learn so she whispered to me

“Remember to end your spells with ‘So mote it be’”

“Only pass our knowing by word of mouth

Or the fires shall come & pull you down directly south

We gather in the shadows so they can’t see

Never in the open or they won’t let us be”


I remember these words as if from yesterday

As I pass down our heritage in a new way

Word of mouth was how it was done

Thankfully today we can come out in the sun

We can now pass the shadow book

Never more to fear feeling the hook


Esbats and Sabbots are part of our Celebrations

Inviting Ancients and Spirits as they are in relation

Each person on their own path as they must follow

Quickly learn the lessons to feel less sorrow

We are on different paths but the same tradition

The first lesson is ‘listen to your intuition’


There are 13 steps of the Deithean Tradition

As we begin to steady the mundanes position

Balance is what the Seeker is looking for

The Pledge takes responsibilities and starts to soar

This is just the beginning but eager to learn

Knowledge is filling the void for which we yearn


To learn wisdom, one must listen to Teacher

Gaining knowledge from one who’s always a seeker

Singing and chanting in rhythm and rhyme

The Madrigals task must be kept in time

With the Keepers help for wherever we are going

Keeping Mother Earth clean & communications flowing


We have the Gate Keepers who can show us the way

The directions of the portals each with a Gateway

The Sentinels job is steady and true

Most never even know which one is who

Each task sounds simple but don’t be fooled

Let egos get inflated and life will be cruel


The Maiden and Squire are the best to assist

When Mother and Father’s hands are in the mist

The Crone and Sage the coven will pass down

To the Mother and Father when the time is sound

Learn the steps thoroughly one at a time

Let the light inside of you come out and shine


The Celebrations are many and keep them alive

For we are Interfaith & many paths are there to strive

Keeping what feels right just for you

Never converting for each becomes anew

I remember when she whispered to me

Always fight the good fight, So mote it be!


The Wiccan Rede~~ traditional

Doreen Valiente


Bide within the Law you must,

in perfect Love and perfect Trust.

Live you must and let to live,

fairly take and fairly give.


For tread the Circle thrice about

to keep unwelcome spirits out.

To bind the spell well every time,

let the spell be said in rhyme.


Light of eye and soft of touch,

speak you little, listen much.

Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,

let love and light be our guides again.


Deosil go by the waxing moon,

chanting out the joyful tune.

Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,

and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.


When the Lady's moon is new,

kiss the hand to Her times two.

When the moon rides at Her peak

then your heart's desire seek.


Heed the North winds mighty gale,

lock the door and trim the sail.

When the Wind blows from the East,

expect the new and set the feast.


When the wind comes from the South,

love will kiss you on the mouth.

When the wind whispers from the West,

all hearts will find peace and rest.


Nine woods in the Cauldron go,

burn them fast and burn them slow.

Birch in the fire goes

to represent what the Lady knows.


Oak in the forest towers with might

in the fire it brings the God's insight.

Rowan is a tree of power

causing life and magick to flower.


Willows at the waterside stand

ready to help us to the Summerland.

Hawthorn is burned to purify

and to draw faerie to your eye.


Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning-

adds its strength to the bright fire burning.

White are the flowers of Apple tree

that brings us fruits of fertility.


Grapes grow upon the vine

giving us both joy and wine.

Fir does mark the evergreen

to represent immortality seen.


Elder is the Lady's tree

burn it not or cursed you'll be.

Four times the Major Sabbats mark

in the light and in the dark.


As the old year starts to wane

the new begins, it's now Samhain.

When the time for Imbolg shows

watch for flowers through the snows.


When the wheel begins to turn

soon the Beltaine fires will burn

As the wheel turns to Lammas night

power is brought to magick rite.


Four times the Minor Sabbats fall

use the Sun to mark them all.

When the wheel has turned to Yule

light the log the Horned One rules.


In the spring, when night equals day

time for Ostara to come our way.

When the Sun has reached it's height

time for Oak and Holly to fight.


Harvesting comes to one and all

when the Autumn Equinox does fall.

Heed the flower, bush, and tree

By the Lady blessed you'll be.


Where the rippling waters go

cast a stone, the truth you'll know.

When you have and hold a need,

harken not to others greed.


With a fool no season spend

or be counted as his friend.

Merry Meet and Merry Part

bright the cheeks and warm the heart.


Mind the Three-fold Laws you should

three times bad and three times good.

When misfortune is enow

wear the star upon your brow.


Be true in love this you must do

unless your love is false to you.

Eight words the Rede fulfil

"And ye harm none, do what ye will”.


Deithea Rede

 As above
 (Raise arms to air)
So below
 (Lower arms to ground)
Powers joined
 (Hands joined)
We make it so
 (Raise hands joined)


 (Throw hands into the air)
Research and find the 5th Agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz.
Compare the different Redes and Creeds. See how they are alike and different. What would you add to them?

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