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Elements of Earth & the Deithean Interfaith Group

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Elements of Earth is the place to go for handmade items. I make a variety of tools and personal items which I call upon my Muse to help me and bless them for your needs.

Our Deithean Interfaith Group is a foundation on which to build your spiritual foundation, no matter what your path or tradition. It doesn't matter what you believe or don't believe. If you are lost or wanting to strengthen your spirituality, then this is the place to start.

Directing Energies

When directing energies the two most important things from you are intent and focus. If you have one and not the other then your magic will not be near as strong.
One way to focus is to picture what you want to happen, in your mind. See it forming, coming together and then the final result.
Thoughts can become a real and physical thing. When joined together with intent, your magic can become very strong and powerful. You will then be able to manifest your thoughts into life and accomplish your goals.
Meditation is another way to learn focus. Tunnel your thoughts, onto one thought, letting the meditation take its course and then coming back if your thoughts stray. It may take lots of practice but eventually it may become so easy that you will be able to focus and it will be by habit and it won’t be, so much, like work. Such as the word “shield” will automatically bring up your protective shield without the process of thinking on how to do it. That is very cool!
When your focus becomes this strong and you combine it with your intent, then magic is afoot.
I talk a lot about intent. This is your purpose, your desire, and you emotions. Your purpose is why you are there, whether it is a spell or a ritual. Your desire is what you want to happen. Your emotions combined with these will strengthen your intent.
Let’s say you have lost your keys. You already know you want them in your hands. While you are doing your spell, picture them in your hand. See yourself finding them and using them. Put in all of your intent and focus into the spell. They will come to you.
When doing spells, rituals, and/or circles you want to be careful of what you ask for. Your might get exactly what you ask for. And that may not be a good thing. Imagine this if you will: 
 You do a spell and ask for $100 to pay a gas bill. Within the next few days you get a refund from your cell phone     company. Boy, that spell worked great!  Then you happen to go through the rest of the mail and find a cut-off notice   from the electric company for $165. That just sucks!
Now what you could have done is ask for the essence of what you wanted. You have a bill in hand for $100. Do your spell except instead of doing it for $100, do it for the essence of what you want. For example, ask for financial independence. That way you don’t limit yourself. When you put limitations then you cause yourself problems.
Let’s say you have been working on gaining knowledge and psychic abilities. You work on psychic abilities has been going well but knowledge has been lacking. Now you do a spell for help with knowledge. A week later the knowledge is coming but not staying with you and the work with psychic abilities has stopped. This is not what you desired to happen. Do it for the essence. To gain the wisdom and the knowledge to apply and build your abilities, strength and powers; using these for the good of all. So Mote it Be!
You want to apply and use these gifts, not get and forget. These are gifts, not to be used just to get what you want.
Remember what you put out whether it is good or bad, will come back to you at least three times stronger.
Some think if you, for example, give someone a flower then you will in turn get three flowers. This is not the case. Let’s say you help a friend and give them a ride. You might in return receive a raise at work. What if you wish harm on someone you might in return lose your mode of transportation.
What would happen if a friend asks you to do a spell to get that girlfriend of her husband to leave him alone? You would both receive the repercussions of this. Doing a spell for someone else is the same as doing one for yourself and because you have done it on someone without their permission is even worse. She could lose her husband and you might lose a good friend.
After the spell is done and her husband and his girlfriend breaks up, for some unknown reason he may leave the wife. Then she may decide in her grief that you did this on purpose and now you have lost a friend.
You want to be very specific, be aware of what you are doing, and include “for the good of all, of their own free will.”
I, myself, don’t do spells on others. If they really want something done, I explain to them what could happen and why and then give them the supplies to do it their self.
So, first I explain to them, second I shield myself from what they are doing and finally I give them the tools and knowledge.
Before going into a meditation I always raise up my shield. I ask the Goddess to protect me and guide me as I go on my journey. I do this so I will not have to worry about mischievous spirits that sometimes like to visit and give misleading information.
After asking for protection and guidance I start my shield by thinking of a pinpoint of light in the center of my body. I see it shining, and then it starts to grow until it has reached every part of my body and then it grows and starts glowing outside of my body until I am sitting inside of a bubble.
I have done this on many occasions and not just for meditations. I use this shield as often as I need.  If there are negative vibrations, peoples feelings I don’t want to pick up, or even if someone is trying to take my energies; whatever the case maybe.
One year, the day after Samhain, a group of us went to clean graves. After a bit, I found myself on a section where no one else was. My grandfather was on my mind a lot. I keep cleaning and hearing his war stories. I cleaned and thought of his ways. I cleaned and saw his face. I cleaned and heard others stories. I cleaned and I......
One of the ladies, that I came with, was yelling at me. She said that they had been looking for me for a long time. She asked why I had stayed in this one place for so long because we were suppose to stay together. I didn’t realize it had been so long or that the others had gone on. I had gotten lost. I started looking around and all of the graves in that section were from World War II.  The war that my grandfather had been in. He had visited with me. We went looking for another lady and she was crying uncontrollably. She was being visited by a lady that was begging to be buried in another state with her family.
The group that we went with later asked, “So why didn’t you shield before you went inside the graveyard?” Well maybe because at that time I didn’t know that I was suppose to do that. It would have been nice if someone had mentioned it instead of just assuming that I knew what to do. So, if you ever have any questions then ask. If you are not sure and are with anyone that knows more than you then ask them, “Is there anything that I should do for protection or that I may not know?” It is better to ask before you do than to do and just wait to see what happens.
Follow your instincts and ask lots of questions. Use you intuition, intent and focus. These are very valuable tools for directing energies.


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